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With our robust set of service offerings, we're here for all of your electrical needs. 




Home Services:

  • New construction from ground, to electrical panels, to rough, to trim, to the last receptacle plate.

  • Electrical problems like outlet not working, light is flickering, breaker tripped, no power in a room, etc.

  • Additions of outside lights, ceiling fans, connection for appliances, outlets, circuit for a freezer in the garage, inlet for a generator in case of an emergency, etc.


Small Commercial

Small Buildings (Stores, Restaurants, etc.) Services:

  •  Installing variable frequency drives (for example in air conditioning units).

  •  Adding or repairing lights, outlets, or circuits for new equipment.

  •  Integrating a new lighting control system.  



Residential and Commercial Services:

  • Providing service when something electrical goes wrong and you need to get back on track with your business or home. 

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